The Gulabi Gang Click to watch Smashing Patriarchy with Bamboo Sticks
Anarchy in Rojava Click to watch A libertarian revolution in the Middle East
Our Shitty Situation Click to watch And it's gonna get shittier
Eric McDavid Click to watch Free at Last!
To Change Everything Click to watch An anarchist appeal
Equal parts performance and protest, an attitude of art following action defines subMedia’s productions. From the regularly released and highly produced video blog “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”, to the collaborative documentary “Ground Noise and Static”, their work injects a radical analysis into the culture in a most entertaining way. Not An Alternative
I Think I'm Emma Goldman Click to watch New track by SOLE mashed up by
subMedia’s videos construct...'a new vision where popular culture serves the interests of the poor and dispossessed, where humor is reignited within activism, and the D.I.Y. ethics of punk and hip-hop allow those with talent and gumption to be the media, once again.' Chris Robé, Pop Matters
subMedia's coverage of worldwide resistance and evolution is a pleasure to behold - real, no-bullshit, truly independent, inspiring, enraging - at times funny, at others tragic; always brilliantly produced - consistently reminding us to push the boundaries of the dominant discourse. And FREE. What more could you mother*&#ing want? Giordano & Hugo ~TheJuiceMedia - RAP NEWS
END:CIV Click to watch 2011
The Action Camp Click to watch 2012
subMedia’s video collection is a fabulous mix of satire, analysis and presentation of global political resistance. Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy
This is Athens Click to watch 2012
Join the Resistance! Fall in Love Click to watch 2003
George Bush Don't Like Black People Click to watch 2005
Letter to the Future President Click to watch 2008
Oil Gateway Click to watch 2011