Letter to the Future President #147

Download • Torrent • Translate I was going to do a totally different remix, but when I was combing through McCain and Obama speeches, they both reminded me of something I have heard before. So I went back to Bush’s 2007 State of the Union and BAM! See for yourself....

Help subMedia get to Denver for the DNC

A website called Cinemocracy is running a video contest and the winner will win plane tix and airfare to Denver. Please vote for our video to help facilitate our street coverage of the DNC. The video link is here http://www.cinemocracy.org At the bottom right of the page there’s 5 stars....

Climate Convergence 2008

Tags: activism; climate camp; climate change; direct action; global warming. Download For any of you wanting to get your feet wet in the world of direct action, here’s your chance: This summer, join people from throughout the Southeast and beyond for the second annual Southeast Convergence for Climate Action. After...

The corporate media finally catches on

Civilization’s golden era is teetering on collapse Originally published on the Vancouver Sun New millennium has brought a turning point in history, yet we ignore meltdown Hans Tammemagi, Special to the Sun Published: Saturday, June 28, 2008 The period from 1950 to 2000 will be remembered as the Golden Era of...

Naomi Klein's controversial speech

[flv:http://blip.tv/file/get/571mul470r-ItsTheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowItAndIFeelFine35586.flv http://e.static.blip.tv/571mul470r-ItsTheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowItAndIFeelFine35438.png 480 368] Naomi Klein’s speech at the National Conference for Media reform was not included on the conference website. subMedia contacted Free Press, the organizer or the conference, to ask why The Shock Doctrine author’s speech could not be found online, and the person explained that Free Press...


A history of the black bloc – Part 1

This week: 1. Madrid resists austerity 2. A History of the Black Bloc 3. Le Peuple de l’Herbe – Parler le fracas 4. Street fighting in Montréal Download SD (108mb) • HD (545mb) • OGG (65mb) • Translate • Torrent • Vimeo Further reading Crowd Control & Riot Manual Warrior...


Food Fight!

This week: 1. Warming up police intelligence 2. A hungry man is an angry man 3. Farm land not airports 4. Vintage riot porn: The battle for Narita 5. Bosnia burns 6. Bilbao welcomes the IMF 7. African migrants bum rush fortress Europe 8. Brujeria: La Migra 9. Breaking down...


Organizing Revolt

This Week: 1. Proto nazis in the Ukraine 2. the end of Bill McKibben’s innocence 3. Enbridge blockers found guilty 4. Fracking pipeline must be stopped 5. No justice for Kelly Thomas 6. The silent anarchist is free 7. Bambu – Crosshairs 8. Peter Gelederloos on Barcelona assemblies Listen to...


The War on Christmas Trees

This week: 1. Aldeia resiste the world cock 2. The War on Christmas Trees 3. NYE Noise Demos 4. Rote Flora Defense 5. 20 years of Zapatistas 6. RATM – People of the Sun 7. Anarchists come out of the closet Download SD (111 mb)• Download HD (540 mb)• Download...


Front End Loader Dreams

This Week: 1. 19 COPs won’t do 2. Mi’kmaq kick out the frackers 3. Thai pigs back the fuck down 4. Front End Loader Dreams 5. Greek cops on Fire 6. B.o.B. 7. Black Peter is Racism Download SD (90mb) • Translate • OGG (53mb) • Download HD (480mb) •...


Fear of a Black Bloc planet

This week: 1. Herman Wallace RIP 2. The KGB’s in da house 3. Mexico never forgives 4. Brazil’s Black Bloc 5. Pussy Riot 6. Who are the warriors? Download SD (134 mb) • Download HD (645 MB) • Download OGG (77mb) • Torrent • Archive Page • Vimeo • Translate...

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