Letter to the Future President #147

Download • Torrent • Translate I was going to do a totally different remix, but when I was combing through McCain and Obama speeches, they both reminded me of something I have heard before. So I went back to Bush’s 2007 State of the Union and BAM! See for yourself....

Help subMedia get to Denver for the DNC

A website called Cinemocracy is running a video contest and the winner will win plane tix and airfare to Denver. Please vote for our video to help facilitate our street coverage of the DNC. The video link is here http://www.cinemocracy.org At the bottom right of the page there’s 5 stars....

Climate Convergence 2008

Tags: activism; climate camp; climate change; direct action; global warming. [jwplayer config=”4_3″ file=”http://archive.org/download/SoutheastClimateConvergence/SouthEastClimateConvergence36.mp4″ image=”http://archive.org/download/SoutheastClimateConvergence/SouthEastClimateConvergence36.jpg” html5_file=”http://archive.org/download/SoutheastClimateConvergence/SouthEastClimateConvergence36.mp4″ download_file=”http://archive.org/download/SoutheastClimateConvergence/SouthEastClimateConvergence36.mp4″] Download For any of you wanting to get your feet wet in the world of direct action, here’s your chance: This summer, join people from throughout the Southeast and beyond for the second annual...

The corporate media finally catches on

Civilization’s golden era is teetering on collapse Originally published on the Vancouver Sun New millennium has brought a turning point in history, yet we ignore meltdown Hans Tammemagi, Special to the Sun Published: Saturday, June 28, 2008 The period from 1950 to 2000 will be remembered as the Golden Era of...

Naomi Klein’s controversial speech

Naomi Klein’s speech at the National Conference for Media reform was not included on the conference website. subMedia contacted Free Press, the organizer or the conference, to ask why The Shock Doctrine author’s speech could not be found online, and the person explained that Free Press is a non-profit organization...



This week we catch up on the multi-layered insurrection taking place in France, where the state is struggling to get a handle on things, amidst regular protests, strikes, fuel shortages, and the general drunken chaos of soccer hooliganism. If you love what we do, consider supporting us! For the musical...



  This week we look at the current turmoil in South America, where the so-called “pink tide” is beginning to recede in Venezuela and Brazil as the United Snakes seeks to exploit political and economic crises for its geopolitical gain. If you love what we do, consider supporting us! For...

Protesting migrants try to bring down part of a border fence as Macedonian police stand guard during clashes at a makeshift camp for refugees and migrants at the Greek-Macedonian border near the village of Idomeni, Greece, April 10, 2016. REUTERS/Alexandros Avramidis

Smashing the Fortress

  This week, we take a look at the tens of thousands of migrants tapped in limbo in Europe, facing down the prospect of being deported back to the war zones they’ve just escaped. If you love what we do, consider supporting us! For the musical break, we’ve got The...


Stashing the Booty

This week we take you inside the sketchy world of booty hiding, otherwise known as offshore tax havens. If you love what we do, consider supporting us! In the music break UK rap crew dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip with “Great Britain” Then we continue of our coverage of...

Paris is Burning

Paris is Burning!

This week we take a look at the multiple converging flashpoints of resistance in France, which have combined into a popular movement that has inspired over a million peeps to take to the streets in a massive expression of collective rage. If you love what we do, consider supporting us!...


Stim <3 Bernie

After much reflection, I have decided to throw my support behind Bernie Sanders. This short video explains why. After much reflection, I have decided to throw my support behind Bernie Sanders. This short video explains why.

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