Disobey T-Shirts are here – OUT OF STOCK

By popular demand, we finally got our shit together and made our DISOBEY design into a motherfuckin shirt. These are standard black t-shirts, short sleeves and screenprinted by hand and can be yours for 20 bucks postage paid. By popular demand, we finally got our shit together and made our...

It takes a village to start a riot

Download Video Download Audio Transcribe / Translate This week: 1. Free the prisoners 2. Oscar Grant Riots 3. US military buildup in Latin America 4. The barefoot bandit is caught 5. Ode to Cha-Cha 6. Arresting video ninjas . . Download Video Download Audio Transcribe / Translate This week: 1....

Stories from the Gulf

I’ve had a short two weeks in the Gulf of Oman, shuttling between a couple of cities, including of course the old hang-out area known as Dubai. After getting lost a bunch of times in the new suburban neighbourhood my parents moved to, I took a look around and saw/heard...

Mavi Marmara through the eyes and budget of the IDF

Download Video Transcribe / Translate subMedia.tv has obtained a highly stylized DVD by that appears to have been produced by the Israeli Defense Forces and leaked to us via youtube user @gangreentv. The video has plenty high tech computer graphics to explain the IDF’s position regarding the events surrounding the...


Green is the Color of Money: Beyond the NGO industrial complex

As environmentalism becomes mainstream, corporations and well funded environmental organizations (NGOs) work hand in hand to divert the public’s efforts into market driven solutions. With runaway climate change looming in the horizon, we must ask ourselves what are the tactics we are going to use to stop the destruction and...


The Revolution is NOW! subMedia.TV’s final report from the Toronto G20 rebellions

Download Video Download Audio Transcribe / Translate Traduction française complétée, pour sous-titres appuyez sur le bouton CC subMedia.TV’s final report from the Toronto G20 rebellions in three parts 1.Who are we? “Justice for our communities” action on June 25th. 2. Go forth o pioneers. the stimulator goes inside the riot...


Anarchy in Rojava: A libertarian revolution in the Middle East

In this sedition, we look at the fierce men and women, who have been fighting the head chopping Islamists of I.S.I.S. to create libertarian commune along the border between Syria, Iraq and Turkey. On the music break we have Kurdish rapper Rezan with “Em Kurdin.” Our guest this week is...


The Stimulator’s Show Schedule

In an effort to facilitate for peeps organizing screenings of this fuckin show, here’s a schedule for the next couple of months. If you plan to rock out a stimulating film night, send me an email stimulator (at) submedia DOT tv and let us know the where and when so...


Our Shitty Situation

In this sedition we look at the economic clusterfuck enveloping the globe, the mega drop in oil prices and the Greek political party that has the left screaming like Justin Beaver fans, plus some uplifting hip hop to help you pull through from your shitty situation. Download MP4 •  HD (648.8...


Eric McDavid: Free at Last!

This week we bring you an interview with recently freed anarchist prisoner Eric McDavid. Also, news from the NYPD “work to rule” protest, anarchist repression in Madrid, Barcelona and Bristol, an update from the 5E3 and an obituary for Phil Africa, plus a classic tack by Public Enemy. To support...


Ferguson Redux

In this sedition a special report on the rebellions that have been rocking Turtle Island in the wake of the “no indictment” of racist cop Darren Wilson for his murder of black teen Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Also a very special interview with subMedia.tv’s Franklin López Buy “subMedia.tv: A...

An anti-government protester throws a molotov cocktail at riot-police during clashes at the mourning procession of the murdered Ahmed Ismael Abdulsamad in the village of Salmabad

Molotovs for Nikos

2 December 2014 ~ Following a big solidarity protest for anarchist Nikos Romanos, where 8.000-10.000 people took part in Athens last night, fierce riots broke out in the “Exarchia” area of Athens, where Molotov cocktails where thrown at police, while Romano’s health is in a critical condition (22 days on...

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