The Revolution is NOW!

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subMedia.TV’s final report from the G20 rebellions in three parts

1.Who are we? “Justice for our communities” action on June 25th.

2. Go forth o pioneers. the stimulator goes inside the riot that caused much damage to the corporate elites and embarrassed the security establishment on saturday June 26 in Toronto Kristian Williams, author of "Our enemies in Blue"

3.We started the riot. Debunking the “agent provocateur” and “the cops let it happen” conspiracy theories. Kristian Williams an expert on police tactics during mass demonstrations speaks about the state’s monopoly of power. . . . . . .

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    This entry was posted on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 at 4:22 pm and is poested under the fuckin show category.

    13 Responses to “The Revolution is NOW!”

  • srdjan says:

    i’m disappointed… i dont have nothing against violent tactics, its just that every tactic has its time and place, and sometimes works sometimes not, i dont think this time was appropriate, i think it made lot of things worse for people in canada now… i’ll keep watching videos for sure, but i think thisone has to be revisited..

  • Matt says:

    what the fuck violent as to do with this? breaking windows its not fucking violence! it’s a non-violent way to protest! smashing proparty its not violence, its not really hurting anyone, and the ones who really violent here are the fucking major corporations thats actually hurting people and animals and destroying the enviromant on a daily basis, not some fucking broken windows!

  • srdjan says:

    i feel i have to explain my first comment little bit more, i said i dont have nothing against it, and yes its not violence compared what some states and corporations do to third world people, problem is in new laws canadian government will bring now due to this, which will mean more control and less freedom for sure, fucking u.s. made this model, now every country will make same, every smallest stupid thing can now be excuse to bring more and more restrictive laws…and its possible cos ordinary people always buy this story about “terrorists” and “danger”, its fucked that we live in society where most of people care only of their own ass, for them we are nothing but enemies, theyre afraid to loose job because of us, its pumped up by corporate media, so government will always seek its legitimity from the will of majority, and until this changes it will always be the same…..
    also, i have problem with this video for not mentioning peaceful part of protests. dont they have right to protest as they want?

  • seanmac says:

    Smashing windows is a violent tactic. You need to understand that violence is not a clearly defined term and can be attributed to all sorts of actions or tactics. Smashing windows or any other type of destruction is considered violent. The point is that this tactic, whether its destroying a car or punching a pig, is most useful when it is coupled with non-violent resistance and other forms of resistance. Plus I think that this episode made a point to show that there was plenty of peaceful protesters, as the videos showed, and I don’t think anyone would argue that peaceful protesters have the right to protest as they want, but they must understand that they do not dictate what are appropriate or unappropriate forms of protest, instead they should work harder to ditch their false notions of pacifism as the only useful tool and begin collaborating with groups and people who do not share their pacifist views. This is the only realistic way to successfully defeat the state and police oppression.

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  • [...] Submedia also just ran another segment of their interview with me, relating my statements about police violence to the recent events surrounding the G20. [...]

  • Greggles says:

    Awesome report, I first found out about you on the toronto media coop and have been following you ever since. I’ve got to take issue with what you said about the police cars. I was with the march at queen and spadina when the Black Bloc started their exterior design project and while it’s true they first smashed the cars at Queen and Spadina before the pigs ran out of them. I stuck around to watch the fallout and saw that the cruisers were surrounded almost immeidiately by a cordon of copcycles -with all their fake charge tactics holding asps- followed shortly by a whole swarm of riot cops in tactical gear.

    At this point the cars were NOT on fire. What happened over the next half hour was pretty boring with a few ominous moments like when all the cops put on their gas masks and getting harrassed by my friends to stand on tall objects and tell them what’s going on (I’m 6’5″ and their not, I also make a good rally point)

    After that boring half hour, the cops formed up in a back to back line and slowly abandonned the car – which was smashed but not burning – by shuffling off to Queen and Soho.

    What, they couldn’t get a tow truck?

  • [...] project, writing to three folks from the northeast recently sentenced to prison for taking part in protests against the G20 in Toronto way back in 2010. On February 3rd, Richard Morano was sentenced to seven [...]

  • [...] project, writing to three folks from the northeast recently sentenced to prison for taking part in protests against the G20 in Toronto way back in 2010. On February 3rd, Richard Morano was sentenced to seven [...]

  • [...] project, writing to three folks from the northeast recently sentenced to prison for taking part in protests against the G20 in Toronto way back in 2010. On February 3rd, Richard Morano was sentenced to seven [...]

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