The Dominos Fall

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This week:

1. Madison Madness
2. Cops of Fire
3. The dominoes fall
4. Logic
5. Revolution in Greece

    This entry was posted on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 6:42 pm and is poested under the fuckin show category.

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  • Anonymous says:

    your shit gives me hope.

  • sam says:

    I generally really like this show, and good job, but i think that the comment that “there is no way to reason with the mentally ill” other than to give them a “beat down” is pretty fucked up. Maybe CEO types do often suffer from a certain form of collective mental illness (sociopathy), but to reduce capitalism and authoritarianism to mental illness and make all mental illness the same is off the mark and plays into attitudes that already sees mentally ill people getting beat up in our communities and thrown in prison by the state.

  • Skidmark Bob says:

    Great reporting and interview on Greece uprising it’s totaly undereported here in the states.

  • Horatio says:

    I live in Madison, WI at the center of the protests against Gov. Walker’s anti union measures and I am sick of the lies that his bill is needed to balance the budget. Walker came into office a few weeks ago and there was no “budget crisis”; then he made tax cuts for the rich. He is saying that the workers need to pay their “fair share”. He has threatened to layoff 10000 if he does not get his way. The unions have agreed to make the sacrifices but he says that the problem is the unions themselves. Prople are raging aginst the government; The dominos have indeed begun to fall

  • Thanks a ton says:

    Thanks for all your effort Frank! Greatly inspired after seeing you at Station 40 in SF the other week! Keep up the effort!

  • Pito says:


    Sometimes we all fall victims to our on biases and ideology. Unfortunately the “movements” in Egypt, Libya, etc, were stirred up by CIA/NATO intelligence in order to remove less pliable dictators with more subservient regimes. Egypt is now led by an even MORE repressive and totalitarian regime. Doesnt it strike you as odd the massive coverage these events have gotten? contrast it with the news Egypt gets now that the US/NATO alliance has a more malleable regime in place. Essentially Mubarak got the Saddam treatment: He started pushing back so he was taken out. Except he got the soft coup treatment.

    Libya seems to headed in a different direction. This is orchestrated to lead to civil war and an excuse for NATO “intervention”.

    Not to say that the grievances and exploitation and rage the people feel is not real. It is! But if you do not have a plan and a realization of what external powers are lurking to destroy you, you end up duped into a worse fate.

    The US/NATO cabal wants more control of oil and seems like it is positioning itself for an attack on Iran. All the countries in the region targeted by these color/people power revolutions were coincidentally openly against attack on Iran, among other heresies.

    Check out some of the very good reporting on how the “leaders” of these “spontaneous, indigenous movements” were funded and coached by US corporate/political interests, and how they have had designs on creating the very destabilization happening. If you dont open your eyes you fall prey to being in the DemocracyNow sentimentalist liberal crowd.

    • stimulator says:

      While I wouldn’t dismiss CIA involvement in government coups, specially give their history, I think a better source than Global Research is order. Seriously, Global research?!

  • bob says:

    I agree with sam. I don’t expect this show to be “politically correct”, but I also don’t expect it to use overly oppressive language. Most dictators and CEOs might be psychopaths, but most “mentally ill” folks are the abused of our world, not the abusers.

    Also: while I don’t believe in glorifying nonviolence and reflexively elevating it above other tactics, I also don’t believe in glorifying and reflexively elevating violence, and I feel this show might be starting to veer in that direction. We do need to open up space for diversity of tactics and resist the pervasive cult of nonviolence, but let’s stay sane ourselves eh?

    • stimulator says:

      You got it, this show is not politically correct. I think y’all got what I meant, but sometimes in the “left” people like to pick a part language to microscopic levels. So to clarify and nip this in the bud, by “the mentally ill” I meant the psychopathic dictators of these countries.

      As far as glorifying tactics over others, the point I was trying to make is the same point I make in END:CIV. History gets whitewashed by those who glorify non-violence over all other tactics. Non-violence can work in some circumstances, but in the example of Egypt, one wouldn’t have worked without the other. I’m all for diversity of tactics.

  • John says:

    Keep in mind that while Gaddafi and the other Arab leaders certainly merit being overthrown by their peoples, they were the freedom-fighters and revolutionaries of their day. It’s the same old story again and again. I wonder how long it will be until these new governments that are set up in their place are overturned themselves. Just give it a generation at the most.

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