No Fracking Way!

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1. Oh Frack it!
2. Bullshit detector
3. Fugitive Methane
4. Romanian carbon offsets
5. Chinese rebellion
6. Occupy MayDay
7. Australia Day
8. Fracking Down Under

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    10 Responses to “No Fracking Way!”

  • Steve Keith says:

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt says:


    I don’t know how else to contact you – not tech savy enough to find contact info on this site.

    Just wondering if you’ve heard what is happening in Gangjeong, Korea. Its a small village on Jeju Island, a beautiful little island :), and a planned site for a new ROK/US Naval base.
    Naturally the villagers and many Korean peace and environmental activists aren’t happy about it and they’re waging one hell of a battle against it.
    I went down there not long ago. They have nightly meetings and since I was a guest I had to introduce myself to everyone. I promised them I’d do my best to spread the word in Canada. They’re really hoping to increase international solidarity. Here is their website:

    Crazy to see this little village fighting the most powerful institution in the world. After their meetings they all bust out into choreographed dances that they all know by heart. Really amazing.


  • Sonya says:

    Go Innes and all fellow semic rim people who love and enjoy the pristine area how dare they comprise our kids and future.

  • Sonya says:

    bring the pressure for this government

  • Spencer says:

    Ever wanted to have dinner with Derrick Jensen, discuss philosophy and resistance over the phone or webcam, or pore over the original manuscripts of masterpieces such as Endgame, Dreams, or What We Leave Behind? This is your chance! Help raise money for Deep Green Resistance and enter the raffle to win fabulous prizes! Ticket prices are not too high.

  • anon says:

    If you have actually read the Journal of Climatology over the last six years their estimates range between a 0.9 to a 1.9C temperature increase by 2110. Now the number I have most often seen is 1.1C but just being popular does not make that one more likely as an accurate estimate. The difference between 0.9 and 1.9 appears to be due mostly to the calculation of the effect of methane, namely how much of it can actually get into the upper portion of the lower atmosphere without being fixed my methanosynethetic bacteria. The showed some data attained through atmosphere sampling procedures using balloons. This indicated that the methane content of the troposphere was 60% lower than expected since the methosynthetic bacteria are known to exist in arctic soils and air masses they could contribute to significant fixation of methane sublimating from land or sea deposits into CO2 and H2O. It seems that the “reduced methane influence model” is currently the one with more support from the contributing parties of the Journal of Climatology.

    I will tell you this however. Based solely on my own anecdotal experience and that of other geologists I have spoken to at least here in the US, any argument about climatic models being overplayed or downplayed is purely a political phenomena. No one I have known in any field, including climatology is being hassled. And the apolitical nature of myself an the vast majority of the holders of graduate degrees under 30 years of age I have met precludes any real involvement in the issue. To put it simply as a man with no morals, ethics, political, or coherent personal philosophy I simply do not care. We cannot hold the world in stasis, so I question the expenditure of resources in a futile attempt to do so when adapting to the change is much easier and cheaper, especially when it occurs over relatively long periods of time.

    Also as a petroluem geologist that helped map the Marcellus shale 4 years ago may I say, tough shit fucknuts we’re gonna get that gas.

  • Linh Schader says:

    I believe you need to standardise all your voting systems and make it compulsory as we do in Australia as we believe that many have died to get the right to vote and all should exercise that right even if forced too. Also we utilise preferential voting to ensure an accurate reflection of the voters wishes rather than first past the post.From my perspective your different formats for voting should be abolished and one simple standard method introduced and one day for all states which doesnt have to be tuesday, we vote on saturdays after a 4-6 week campaign.

  • […] fondly recalls his trip to Australia which included taking part in the 40th Anniversary Celebrations at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in […]

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