Anarchy in the USA

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2. I have a drone!
3. Foreclosure defense in Colorado
4. U.N. out of Haiti
5. Netanyahu: The butcher of Jerusalem
6. Bob Ross to the rescue.
7. Anarchy in Europe
8. P.O.S. fuck your stuff
9. Mutual Aid

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    9 Responses to “Anarchy in the USA”

  • Kris says:

    Well, I’m curious.
    I know what Anarchy is but what are you doing to be anarchists? I realize this could be a risk to you to be free to relate openly in full, but can you give an old lady a hint? First I’ll give you some of my thinking on the state of the US. I like Obama. I think his heart is in the right place. His family is loving and supportive and his wife is no slouch. She knows what is going on. I think Obama is malleable with some strong pushes and support. I thought Romney was money oriented, racist, and uncaring about the rest of us. Are you money-oriented? Racist? Are you? I think this country needs a whole new system from government and voting, Wall Street, the Federal Reserves, etc., etc.. I am an Occupyist. I’m an atheist. I want to change things. Are you any of these things or against these things. What is your Anarchy all about. I don’t want to end up with a dictator or some kind of ruler. I believe in making the world a better place with love, peace,health,happy,supportable lives and environment,etc.

  • Amy says:

    Ey – that revolution series – its not that bad. They have cool scenes of hugh rises and bridges taken over by greens and animals living in abandoned streets that start to become forests again 😉 – But I get the point that people dont default always on being assholes in a crisis. However I am not sure about a) the US, especially those parts of the population that are indoctrinated to think that this is what is happening, which can create a self fulfilling prophecy. and b) what happens after a couple of months of catastrophe – I think that at that point, some assholes may actually start to get their fat bums up on some thrones and shit. Especially military people who really think they are doing the world and themselves a favour by playing El presidente. So I think anarchists should always be aware that if the situation comes and true anarchism is here because of whatever breakdown there may be, they have to watch out for those who actually are trying to rebuild the structures that were lost and fight those guys if needed or convince them to let it go if that is possible.

  • Paula says:

    Great sedition.

    There’s a good book that talks about the points made in the interview: “A Paradise Built in Hell” by Rebecca Solnit.

    One good point she makes that isn’t covered in the interview is how disasters can give racists an opportunity to commit violence and heighten social tension between people. The most disturbing example is the gangs of white vigilantes who killed black people in the aftermath of Katrina.

    • Red says:

      You do have a good point, and we will never truly know how many innocents were killed by the hands of police or vigilantes in the after math of Katrina.

      With that said, I believe reports of white vigilantes were most likely blown out of proportion by the race-war loving media. Frankly, the media feed off of racial tensions like it’s no one’s business. And it seems they’ll say just about anything to get people riled up.

      And I’m not denying the vigilante thing, I’m just saying, media made a mountain out of an anthill.

      When you compare the media’s attention to the white vigilantes versus the coverage of the temporary detention areas and such that the police set up (which was basically nonexistent, the coverage I mean). I don’t know, it’s just fishy is all. Very divide and conquer.

      Point is, the cops, white, black, latino, whatever, those boys and blue have more blood on their hands than any amount of “white vigilante racists”.

      I know I’m coming off as an apologist for said racists, but, so be it, just trying to put things in perspective I guess.

  • Vizceral says:

    We are not all created equal. We are each born of blood, tissue, and bone; so ends the commonality. We all have inalienable rights to attempt to lead our lives how we see fit. To what end?
    Do we attempt to be more educated? More proactive? More…anything positive? I see technology with an enhanced impetus to make our lives easier, our time more abundant; freed up to make it easier to spend. I hear politics that inherently become less relevant to my locale, and our needs. The value of the dollar goes down, but our need if it goes up, and the product value goes down.
    Media can’t be trusted, or so I’m told, by mediaticians. Everyone has an agenda, and most are personal with little thought for the commonwealth, or the common man. We dare not live alone, for the power of numbers, but we learn to hate people. Inherently we judge, based on experience we expound and project. Slight commonality becomes a building block of presumption. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be poetic. I’ve spent the past hour, roughly, looking through rhetoric (sans the negative connotation) and media regarding anarchy.

    The definition placed within the video referred multiple times to some kind of communal response system. However, considering reality is based somewhat on communal perception, and there existing so many that believe in the “Mad Max” anarchy… does it not ring true that so many would fall in that stereotype? Take away the time of need, the communal ‘tragedy’, and show the time of peace, the lack of conflict, and I believe unnatural human motivations will inspire the very actions that some consider “overblown” by the media.

    I once considered myself an anarchist, with true hope for humanity in the lack of any government regime. Time and experience have destroyed any real hope I ever had for such romantic notions. People are hardly better than animals, and I don’t think animals are bad or good, they just are. Hedonists driven by a feeling of pleasure, regardless the medium used.

    I’m not trying to flip my nose here. This is my honest reaction to possibly the most honest appeal I’ve seen thus far to any kind of anarchic platform. The point is, it’s all bullshit anyway, why speculate?

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