Blockadia Rising

blockadiaA decentralized network of troublemakers have been spreading throughout Turtle Island to stop the motherfuckin tar sands. The band of blockaders in north Texas captured our imagination last year, with their long ass interruption of the Keystone XL pipeline, that would connect the extraction of tar sands in Canada to refineries in Houston. This documentary tells the story of the brave women and men, who organized outside the disempowering world of environmental NGO’s, and gave a massive black eye to the oil industry, the Obama administration and the security apparatus.

From the filmmaker:

In 2012, Texas landowners and environmental activists came together to organize resistance against a dangerous pipeline being built by a Canadian corporation to bring tar sands oil from Alberta Canada to refineries near the Gulf of Mexico. This hazardous project continues despite unprecedented opposition from indigenous communities, local farmers and even global environmental movements. From this struggle, a community of resistance was born that has attracted volunteers from around the continent who have successfully defied this multi-million dollar corporation with the power of non-violent direct action.

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  • anarchore says:

    I don’t mind warmer weather, pollution is fucked though. Everytime there is a pollution issue, it gets changed to a C02 issue even though C02 is essential to life on earth, and we could use a bit more to support more abundant and vigorous plant growth.

    C02 becomes the demon, meanwhile the chemicals that cause cancer are ignored. Fuck Al Gore. Earth is too cold anyway, besides ice age seems to be coming.

  • hmmm says:

    So there really needs to be a dialogue in the radical/environmentalist/whatever community about violence and its definition. Even f we’re using the World Health Organization’s definition the blockades are violent. They are physical confrontations. They are thought out “polite” forms of violence, but they are forms of violence.

    It seems the blockade is using the media contrived use of the term to separate “good” direct action from “bad” direct action, which isn’t a bad thing if it is purely being used as a tactic to gain support, but it is not.

    Sure this type of language gains momentous support from reformatory forces like Robert Kennedy Jr and Greenpeace, but there are people joining these causes and are being given fallacious information and this will eventually be a hurdle for further progress in combating those who would destroy the environment for monetary gains and to preserve the status quo.

    Yes it is wonderful to see people who usually wouldn’t take any action other than signing their name building blockades and things like this, but if they are doing it in the worst kinds of reactionary ways and perpetuate the myth of non-violence then it will eventually backfire on everyone and recuperation will ensue.

    • Dare says:

      Above comment concerning the ‘nonviolent’understand the tactic of nonviolence in order to give a front for something deeper – however yes, there has been nothing deeper that I have heard of through the tarsands blockade and perpetuating a strict nonvioence or bust ideology only protects the state .. ahem… Peter Gelderloos ‘How Nonviolence protects the state’ is a good read. However, As I’ve seen more radical shit on here than on other places online I’d bet that submedia shared it for the info it provides rather than the message. Anyhow I’ve seen other tactics represented on here so that’s good.

      but yeah, blockades are great. Making it so that the trucks don’t run anymore – also great- maybe a bit more so ;)

  • [...] Blockadia Rising has been screened around the country at over a dozen universities and community centers and thousands have watched the full film online. As of January, 2014 over 10,000 unique visitors have viewed Blockadia Rising on Vimeo while many others have seen the film through Films for Action and SubMedia. [...]

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