Ferguson: Chronicle of an insurrection

An in depth look at the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri following the police murder of Michael Brown, a black teenager. Also features an exclusive interview with former Black Panther, Ashanti Alston, about the state of black “America”, abolishing penile power and taking care of your peeps in the muthafuckin resistance.

More analysis on the Ferguson insurrection here.

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    16 Responses to “Ferguson: Chronicle of an insurrection”

  • AHAB says:

    I knew it was as bad as it was. i watched tv news, twitter, livestreams and facebook and they all were inconsistant with eachother

    • Siouxs says:

      Read the story on the ‘Move house’- An open community home/shelter for mostly black people run in ‘anarchist ways’.
      To those who never heared of this story yet.
      Shocking to read/see how officials, governments and their police/militairy forces have their wicked policies of killing all that doesn’t fit the capitalist picture.
      Nothing for free in the ‘free world’.
      Not that much has changed since then sadly.
      Thanks for sharing this Stimulator/submedia
      no justice-no peace

  • steezmcleez says:

    what was dat music?

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  • anabraxas says:

    This just in. Another Black prole teenager got killed by pigs in St-Louis…


  • Fusion says:

    See more coverage from the streets of Ferguson:


    Dead Prez and Rebel Diaz speak out in St. Louis.

  • MrFree says:

    who is the artist during the music break?

  • […] Ferguson: Chronicle of an insurrection […]

  • lee says:

    i used to be a mixed up liberal-no a radical but i wised up.my advice is that you should wise up too.

  • pie0o says:

    Fantastic video, and I wondered, if you have the Ashanti Interview in the raw somewhere available for download, it is so fantastic, I would like to use it in a mixtape.

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