A Prisoner with A Youtube Channel

Today we bring you an exclusive interview filmed clandestinely inside Holman prison in Alabama. At great risk to himself, Free Alabama Movement’s Melvin Ray, tells us about the upcoming prison strike, corporate jail slavery and the 13th amendment. If you love these reports consider making a donation – Save...


Slavery in the USA

Did you know that the cup that holds your Starbucks latte or the meat patty in your Big Mac was probably produced by a prisoner? Yep many corporations take advantage of the legal slave labor pool in the USA, with prison slave being paid pennies an hour to make everything...

Countering Insurgency

  In this interview with Cleveland-based author and anarchist strategist, Tom Nomad, I try to figure out why the RNC protests in Cleveland were such a bust. From there, we move onto a discussion of counterinsurgency principles, how they’ve developed, and how they’re applied to contemporary policing in the United...

Trumped at the RNC

Trumped at the RNC

  This report takes a retrospective look at the 2016 RNC in Cleveland, where despite a heavy forecast of riots and clashes between pro and anti-Trump supporters, the streets remained relatively calm. Instead, we were treated to a spectacle of deep-seated divisions and social contradictions.   This report takes a...


War on Cops

This report looks into the so-called “war on cops” keeping FOX News commentators and Rudy Giuliani up at night… plus water-fight riots in the UK and a look at the political fallout in post-coup Turkey. If you love what we do, consider donating – Save This report looks into...

Showdown in Sactown

Showdown in Sactown

On June 26th, neo-nazis and white supremacists from the Traditionalist Workers Party, the Golden State Skins, and the Klu Klux Klan attempted to hold a rally at the steps of the capitol building in Sacramento. Nearly 400 anti-fascists and anti-racists assembled to shut them down, leading to a brawl in...


The Divided States of America

  This report looks at the toxic brew of anger, disillusionment and insecurity fueling support for Donald Trump, and contributing to a resurgence of far-right white supremacist and neo-nazi groups in the United Snakes… setting the stage for what could be an epic showdown at the 2016 RNC in Cleveland....


Disunited Kingdom

In this report, we take a look at the fallout of #Brexit, which has sparked political, economic and social turmoil in the UK, an increase in right-wing nationalism, xenophobia and anti-immigrant attacks, and started the clock ticking on the dissolution of the European Union. In this report, we take a...


Colombia: What’s Behind the Paro Nacional?

An interview with Marcela of Las Organizaciones Sociales de Arauca on the Paro Nacional, or national strike, launched on May 30th by a coalition of peasants, Indigenous peeps, Afro-Colombians, students, truck drivers and precarious workers. Marcela also breaks down the effects of the US-backed Plan Colombia, 18 years after it...


France Turns Up the Heat

  In this report, we catch up with some of the recent developments in France, where the Nuit Debout movement is going strong, workers everywhere are going on strike, and a growing, decentralized movement is turning into a laboratory for innovative street fighting tactics. And to top it all off…...


Le French Riots 2016

Our friends from “When Protesters Strike Back” bring us this kick ass riot porn mash-up, straight from the red hot streets of France, where, after weeks of relentless protests, the...


Olympic Resistance

On the eve of the Rio Olympics, we remember the historic grassroots indigenous led organization against the Winter Olympics is so called “Vancouver” In 2010 joined a coalition of...


Mount Polley Resistance Continues

Our Secwepemc friends are calling on accomplices to gather in their territory and stop the re-opening of the Mount Polley mine. Deets here -> Our Secwepemc friends are calling...


General Strike: defying France’s state of emergency.

via Ross Domoney As the worlds media attention is focused on football violence in France: yesterday (14/06/16) Paris witnessed some of it’s worst political violence in decades as protesters defied...


New Anarchist video project – No Borders

Engaging new international collaborative anarchist video series “No Borders” kicks off with an episode about social struggle in New York City. “The first season of this web series was realized...


Athens riots in response to police attack

Via Perseus999 On Sunday 8 May 2016, while the government of SYRIZA & ANEL inside the greek parliament were attacking what little has been left in the dignity of the...


Chile: Students Battle for Free Education

In Chile, students have sustained a mass movement protesting for public colleges and universities to be made tuition free for more than a decade. At the most recent march, on...


MayDay march rocks Montreal

For the 9th year in a row an autonomous coalition of anti-capitalists invade the streets of Montreal to celebrate people’s struggles, For the 9th year in a row an autonomous...


#NuitDebout Crosses the Atlantic

On April 29th people in “Montreal” occupied Philips Square for the first night of #NuitDebout or Rise up at night. A movement that has quickly spread throughout France in opposition...


Happy Smashy MayDay

Click here to download this podcast HAPPY MAYDAY, PROLES!! Welcome back to our weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! This week, it’s our special to honour May 1st! Celebrated all...

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