A man plays guitar in front of a burning police car during a protest against the G20 summit in downtown Toronto, June 26, 2010.     REUTERS/Mark Blinch (CANADA)

Music to burn cop cars to

Click here to download this podcast and here to check out The Rebel Beat podcast Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! March 15th is the International Day Against Police Brutality, and to warm everyone up for the occasion, we’ve got Frank from Submedia.TV back in studio...


New Rebel Beat: #BernAgainstTheMachine

Once again, we link up with DJ Aaron Maiden for another riotus playlist of the Rebel Beat Radio Click here to download this podcast Welcome back for another weekly edition of The Rebel Beat! This week it’s our favourite time of the month, that time when Frank from Sumedia.tv comes...


The Rebel Beat Podcast 045

 Click here to download this podcast Welcome back to another weekly edition of The Rebel Beat from CKUT! We’re back here for another monthly collaboration with Frank from Submedia.TV. Frank came in with his usual raucous selection of rebel hip hop tunes from across Latin America, plus a wicked interview...


Rebel Beat #42: Resisting the Meltdown

Our monthly collaboration with The Rebel Beat radio show is out. Check out their website to subscribe to their podcast and to listen to the previous 41 kick ass shows. Click here to download the podcast Welcome back to another podcast of The Rebel Beat – your weekly dose of...


8 Dollar Smoothie

Here at subMedia.tv, we’re totally into smoothies. Almost aaaas much as we’re into tacos! We’re also deep into hip-hop. So this is why we’re proud to world premiere Jared Paul’s latest video 8 Dollar Smoothie from the album Get my Ghost From Jared Paul! I grew up below the poverty-line...


Burning Cop Car #1

Here’s our contribution to Interference Archive’s “If A Song Could Be Freedom” series – a mix we call “Burning Cop Car #1” a selection from Latino and Latina MC’s. Stay tuned to subMedia.tv for more Burning Cop Cars. Download MP3 (45mb) Or if prefer SoundCloud The Playlist: Facto MC –...

Go Away - Savage Family-1

New Alas and Savage Fam video – Go Away

Some of my favorite rappers Alas and Savage Fam drop another mental bomb with “Go Away” Check their soundcloud accounts for new tracks. Alas • Savage Fam Some of my favorite rappers Alas and Savage Fam drop another mental bomb with “Go Away” Check their soundcloud accounts for new tracks....


Angst Against the Police Playlist

Our monthly collaboration with The Rebel Beat – an angst ridden playlist of anti-cop songs. Make sure to podcast this show as every week DJ Aaron Maiden brings you class war on the dance floor plus insightful interviews with anarchists and freedom fighters. Click here to subscribe to the podcast...


Made You Die: Trayvon Martin Tribute

Even though this came out over a year ago, this trace by Dead Prez, Yasiin Bey and mikeflo is as timely as ever. In the wake of the bullshit ass not guilty verdict of the George Zimmerman trial for the murder of 17 year old african amercian kid Trayvon Martin,...


Six is Nine

I fuckin miss Zach de la Rocha and RATM. But revolutionary hip hop artists keep sprouting up, and rejecting the corporate music maquiladora in favor of subterranean networks of distribution. And that makes me happy. Like Jarred Paul, who rocks “Six is Nine” from what looks like a living room...


Chile: Students Battle for Free Education

In Chile, students have sustained a mass movement protesting for public colleges and universities to be made tuition free for more than a decade. At the most recent march, on...


MayDay march rocks Montreal

For the 9th year in a row an autonomous coalition of anti-capitalists invade the streets of Montreal to celebrate people’s struggles, For the 9th year in a row an autonomous...


#NuitDebout Crosses the Atlantic

On April 29th people in “Montreal” occupied Philips Square for the first night of #NuitDebout or Rise up at night. A movement that has quickly spread throughout France in opposition...


Happy Smashy MayDay

Click here to download this podcast HAPPY MAYDAY, PROLES!! Welcome back to our weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! This week, it’s our special to honour May 1st! Celebrated all...


From Democracy to Freedom Audio Zine

The good folks from CrimethInc never disappoint. Here’s their latest audio zine on the subject of Democracy _____ Welcome back to the Ex-worker! We’re eschewing our typical format once again...



Debates of “violence VS non-violence” sprout up every time there’s a convergence or a new movement, such as “Occupy” or #Nuit Debout” This is why we decided to dust off...


First Quarterly Taco-Holder Report

Last year subMedia.tv launched a taco-sourcing campaign to expand our anarchist-video-making operation. We hit our goal of $15,000, and after producing and shipping all the “perks” to those who donated,...


Rage against the Police in Quebec

April 2016, Montreal cops murdered Jean-Pierre Bony by shooting him with bullet to the head, for allegedly fleeing a drug raid. If you would like to view more videos like...


Rojava’s First Radio Station

From our friends from Rojava Plan Denge Cudi was the first radio of the Rojava revolution. It went through great difficulties to keep spreading the voice of the youth and...


Black Lives Matter Occupy Cop Shop in Toronto

On March 21st, Black Lives Matter activists pitched tents at the Toronto Police headquarters and started an occupation to protest the police killings of Andrew Loku, Jermaine Carby, Alex Wettlaufer,...

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